North American Formula 1000 Championship

Screaming around racetracks of North America, Formula 1000 race cars are powered by 1000cc Superbike engines and weigh only 800lbs! – Reaching speeds in excess of 170 mph and over 3 g’s under braking and cornering.

Offering over half a dozen engine combinations and 10 chassis manufacturers, NorthAmF1000 provides challenges to drivers, engineers, and teams to push the cutting edge technology to the limit.

NorthAmF1000 is organized entirely different than most racing series, as every driver has an equal vote.   A truly driver managed series – NorthAmF1000 has created a series where every driver wins $$$ through cash payouts, random drawing awards, exclusive prizes, dedicated sponsors, and more.

Racing at some of America’s iconic racetracks including Road Atlanta and Watkins Glen, NorthAmF1000 provides professional wheel to wheel racing with the greatest sounds in motorsports

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