The Best of American Open-Wheel Racing.



Featuring five regional divisions, NorthEast, NorthCentral, SouthEast, and new for 2018 West and Texas, GPFour provides drivers of all ages a fun weekend of Grand Prix racing.  GPFour racing provides identical Formula Enterprise chassis with spec Mazda motors and American Racer Tires, plus limited adjustment capabilities, creating a low maintenance, easy setup racing experience.


Screaming around racetracks of North America, Formula 1000 race cars are powered by 1000cc Superbike engines and weigh only 800lbs!   Offering over half a dozen engine combinations and 10 chassis manufacturers, NorthAmF1000 provides a challenge to drivers, engineers, and teams to push cutting edge technology to speeds exceeding 170 mph and beyond 3 g’s in corners and under braking.

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Formerly known as the Southern Continental Challenge, Formula 2000 gives any driver an opportunity to race wheel to wheel in any Formula Continental racecar.  With drivers of all skill levels, the Southern Formula 2000 Championship is the place to always find someone to race.


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The traditional training ground of open wheel stars has returned to southern racetracks for the 2018 season.    Featuring Formula 1600 – non winged race cars (formula ford) –  drivers learn the basics of car setup, mechanical grip, car control, and race craft.  Whether an up and coming star-of-tomorrow, or a gentleman racer with a car collecting dust in the shed, join the inaugural Southern Formula 1600 Championship and race for cash, prizes, and more!